Who we are

How we support residents
Help with managing money, advice on budgeting and practical aspects of paying bills (including the rent). Help to sort out debts and affordable repayment plans. This may involve referring you to a specialist advice agency
Advice and help and with making claims, filling out forms and following up entitlements with the Benefits Agency or Housing Benefit.
Help to organise the running of your home Help in sorting out problems with neighbours Help to develop your home making skills e.g. cooking, housekeeping, health and safety, DIY
Help to identify and follow up training and employment opportunities
Advice and help with taking up leisure and social activities.
Support to develop positive parenting and childcare skills
WPromote healthy lifestyles such as sexual health, nutrition awareneww and leisure fitness activities.
Support to access education and training opportunities
Support to deal with difficult problems including loneliness, drug and alcohol use, health and emotional problems.

Help to put you in contact with other specialist organisations e.g. counselling agencies, legal advice, medical services, social services

  • To ensure your cultural and religious needs are met regular house meetings, and all residents are expected to attend.
Meetings will be held monthly, but may be more often depending on whether residents would like them to be more frequent.

If you require support and advise with managing your debts please speak to your house manager